Tea sandwiches – trying to lose weight again!

Well I’ve been thinking about losing weight again now it’s the end of the semester. Thanks to videos I’ve been watching on YouTube (specifically, ochikeron’s videos on cute and simple recipes) I’ve been getting my stomach to eat less so far from just eating tiny and cute portions. I don’t know my weight anymore but I do know my waist size has decreased by one inch (and at my height I at least need to get it down to one more inch. As for my hips, well, gotta do them Brazilian butt lifts. 😛 I might start that after finals week.

Here’s my “recipe card” on one of her videos on making tea sandwiches.


There is a slight mistake: forgot to add three baby fingerling potatoes. That changes the caloric value to 381 because I also swapped the mayo with whipped salad dressing. It’s so much easier cooking for just one person!

The cherry tomatoes were boiled in water for a few seconds so I can peel the skin off. Next I placed them in pickling solution consisting of soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and water. I love my condiments to be sour! But the sugar offers a nice balance. 🙂

As soon as my Christmas wish is fulfilled (maybe) in getting a deep fryer, I’ll be making those tiny tea donuts too. Before then, I’ve been craving curry rice when I saw her video and perhaps I’ll make some but with veggies instead.


Quick black bean and ham chili

I needed to quickly make my lunch this morning before heading off to work and all I had was a can of smoked lean ham. Yes, that’s probably packed with cancer-inducing chemicals, but hey it’s just this once.

This isn’t healthy at all, but it was the only thing I could think of other than ham and eggs. Oh and the salt content is through the roof. So, anyways, I haven’t really gotten down to measurements, but this recipe was made for just one small serving (disappointed face) and I LOVE sour foods (sinigang1, anyone?) so this is plenty sour with that Clamato juice.

I usually have pictures to go with this but it didn’t look pretty in its crappy container so I didn’t take one. 😛

Black beans
Clamato juice
Dried basil
Dried parsley
Dried fried garlic
Onion powder
Garlic and herb seasoning
Black pepper
Chili powder
Sweet chili flakes