Stupid Caffeine

Never again will I drink anything caffeinated. I feel like crap afterwards when I crash and even more so when I try to be productive. I sit here staring at my computer screen wishing I could move or do something, but I can’t get my brain to turn on!


Insanity – Day 7 and Measurements

Mood: WIDE AWAKE and frustrated that I can’t sleep for longer than 4 hours
Weight: 111.6 lbs
Waist: 29.25″
Hip: 33.5″
Belly: 34″ (around the bellybutton area)

This is weird – usually when I work out, I get so tired that I’m out like a light at around 7pm until my alarm sounds. Today, I woke up at 1am with the feeling that it was 3am, my usual alarm time. I’m worried because I was on my feet all day and yet I only got a total of four hours of sleep. I’m thinking it might be from the Muscle Milk. I barely caught a glimpse of the words “caffeinated” on the bottle and just now remembered it.

So, today is my day of rest for the workout and I feel bad not working out. As I sit here, regretting not moving, I’ve resolved to work on pushing myself more and work my diet. Ohhh my diet – I just had a Chick-fil-a sandwich and fries yesterday thinking it’s ok since I didn’t get to eat much during the day and then BAM – guilt and regret. Also, I’m going to start working on accountability. So, I’m going to keep track of my measurements and mood.

Insanity – Day 6 and Muscle Milk

So it is day six and my legs aren’t killing me except my left thigh. I feel that I didn’t really push myself this time and I feel bad. I know I’m supposed to be resting tomorrow but I feel that I want to do the fitness test to see where I am before I start the second week. I need to get more motivated if I want to see some results.

I took some measurements this morning, but I’m not really sure where to put the measuring tape, haha!

Well, onto Muscle Milk:

This one is vanilla latte and it tastes a little too fragrant for me. The light chocolate left a vitamin taste in my mouth for a few hours. I’m not sure if I like these, and I’d rather drink the HEB protein shake even though it might not have the right amount of nutrition I need.