Keep Marzipan Alive

Have you ever been immersed into a world that captivates your imagination? I’ve found it in the strangest, cute, and creative show called Chowder. When it first aired, I was so thrilled by the idea of a show about food. But it wasn’t just about food – it was colorful, full of inspiration, and filled with subtle yet sharp jokes along with lots of visually pleasing and comedic gags.

After its inception and the unfortunate end of its 3 season run, I’ve begun re-watching the first 10 episodes and found the newer episodes to be lacking the charm of these first 10 episodes. However, it doesn’t really matter since I am inspired to draw places and food based on the show. šŸ™‚ In fact, this is the start of my new project:Ā Keep Marzipan City AliveĀ which will feature my drawings inspired by the show. Here’s my first attempt, and it’s none other than the main character.

Disclaimer: Chowder and all related images are created by C.H. Greenblatt and owned by Cartoon Network. I am in no way affiliated with said parties and am in no way earning profit nor am I associated with the staff or network.


4 days into working out

I’m proud of myself. I’ve been going at it since Sunday, Feb 26 without dreading having to do it. It helps to be motivated, and my motivation happens to be pretty dresses that I can fit into.

I used to like clothes when I was young, then when I was 10 years old I started to hate them since I couldn’t fit into them. Being a 12-year-old girl and finding clothes in the women’s department that could fit my shape did not help my self-esteem. I was doomed toĀ over-sizedĀ shirts and started out wearing stretch stirrup pants1 and finally found some petite-sized big pants for myself.

Fast-forward to today – I am almost at my target weight, but that really isn’t of any consequence to me since I’m mostly interested in losing dress-sizes. I tried extreme dieting, but that didn’t help much since I’d bounce back and binge thinking it’d be okay. So, I stayed within +/- 3 lbs for a whole year.

I’ve been enjoying Japanese fashion magazines primarily because their frilly, cute, and street looks have captured my interest far more than what’s considered popular here in the dust bowl. They’ve even inspired me to create my own dream wardrobe I’d love to wear once I’ve shrunk to where I’m supposed to be.

I suppose I still love over-sized shirts that can transform into a dress while you where some sort of pretty leggings underneath. I didn’t know that they’d be popular once I got older. If I had known, I’d dig out those pants!

The other thing I have to remember is the fact that IĀ am getting older. I want to enjoy things I like, and I have to be harder on myself to stay motivated.

Also, one of my other dreams is to be able to create my own brand/label to be sold. I’m pretty mediocre when it comes to arts & crafts since I am on an on-and-off relationship with my tools, so I haven’t really developed them. Plus, I can’t decide what I want to sell. Clothes are the most obvious choice, but I do love to make little doo-dads as well.

Look forward to more dress postings!