Insanity – Day 14

It’s day 14 and it’s rest time. I can’t believe 2 weeks has already gone by! I keep wondering in my head if it’s actually working, and to that I say: yes! I haven’t been following their nutrition guide, so I would probably lose more weight if I didn’t eat burgers, or those chocolate chip cookies, or these pita chips that I’m snacking on right now with some hummus. I also wonder if I am able to keep up with what’s to come.

I don’t even remember how bloated I used to feel, but I can only believe what I’ve written down. Thoughts keep swirling in my head: did I used to feel more uncomfortably squishy before?

A good way to make yourself doubt your progress is to wear something you know that still won’t fit you. I also tried measuring myself again and was disappointed that I still was the same size or bigger. Arrrgh the only remedy I know is to really control what I eat! Nooooo!! Calorie counting and balancing nutrition is incredibly tedious for someone like me. I just look at something and just want to eat it. I am wary of how many calories are in some of my foods, but I don’t exactly measure it nor do I consider exactly how much sugar there is inside.

Uggh if I don’t lose any more fat by the end of this third week, I promise to change my diet to theirs.


Insanity – Day 11 and Burgers …Again.

Mood: Sluggish
Weight: 109.4

Ugh…it was Cardio Recovery so it was an easy workout, but I easily ruined it with burgers (watched Bob’s Burgers new episode) and open-faced steak sandwiches. These sandwiches the BF made are SO DELICIOUS!

Open-faced steak sandwiches!

So I know I’ll have to work extra hard the next day!  ಥ_ಥ