It’s been years since I’ve visited this blog. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a wandering socialite on the Internet. I establish myself in different social Internet outlets, then disappear after a few months to a year. I suppose there’s a mental condition associated with this behavior, but for now, I’ll call it Social ADHD.

Come to think of it, I rarely finish most personal goals. Granted, I complete tasks from school or work, but personal interests of the curious kind hardly see an ending. Perhaps this came around strongly when I was young (maybe before Junior High), and I was scared of inking my drawings because I felt that they weren’t perfect and I could come back another day and erase my graphite lines to make it look better. This fear of creating something crappy has made a deep impact on how I have functioned in society.

Not only has it (I think) impaired my social ability to be able to comfortably interact with people for long periods of time, but it has made its way into things I enjoy like when I draw (of course), knit, sew – in the sense of creating something, I hesitate in finishing. Uncomfortable feelings resurface. My mind lazily wanders onto something else.

Anyhow, welcome to my blog. 🙂


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