Bored – DIY toothbrush holder

With nothing to do but clean, I got so bored and started to make my own toothbrush holder.

1. I used one of those tags that hold jewelry, a spider ring from Halloween, and my cute toothbrush I got from a Sanrio store.

2. I snipped off the legs since it would be too bulky.

3. After cutting off half of the jewelry tag, slip the ring through the hole and glue both together. I used the E-6000 glue because I don’t think a regular hot glue gun would work. It’s my favorite type if glue from binding books and flashcards together to holding together larger projects.

4. I used Scotch clear mounting squares and placed about two on the back.

5. Place it on the wall.

6. There you go! Done!
(⌒-⌒ )


2 Responses to Bored – DIY toothbrush holder

  1. Eileen says:


  2. W.P. says:

    Thanks! (^ω^)I don’t have any counter space for my things on the sink so I wanted to hang whatever I can on the wall

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