Green tea donuts

So I finally got around to purchase the ultra expensive matcha green tea powder. And what did I do with it? Practically wasted two tsp of it. Remind me to NEVER use rice flour (by itself or with something else) to make donuts. I was thinking fluffy and light but I got gritty and dense.


Congee and Furikake

I’m not really picky about what I eat (usually because I’m too lazy to cook most of the time), so I ended up mixing brown rice, quinoa, tofu, and furikake with a splatter of sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice wine vinegar (with a pinch of sugar). Not bad – but definitely not for those picky eaters.

Apartment Rearranging


How I want to rearrange my apartment after studying for tomorrow’s midterm!

Need good cheap blender recipes

Hello all. I am bad with money.

I’m terribly bad with money to the point of I would rather spend my money on electronics, office supplies, and musical instruments than on food.

Is that being bad with money? Or is it being terrible at prioritizing?

If you were to see me around my school’s break room, I would be scrounging around the refrigerator looking for food like a dirty raccoon. D:

And, so, to avoid being the school’s poster-child of regressing back into an undergrad mindset (we are in professional school, after all!) I have to think of ways to make it easier on myself when making meals.

Thus…blender foods. Blech.

Not particularly satisfying, but I can definitely get all the nutrients I need from blending veggies and herbs. However easy this sounds, last night’s experiment was disappointing. I became random with my ingredients and I’m reaping the consequences – two day’s worth of a weird concoction of yellow squash, zucchini, corn, carrots, basil, onion, garlic, and cilantro.

It doesn’t look too bad, but I’m definitely missing the umami-ness of ingredients.

I think I need to cut either the corn or the carrots since two sweet veggies aren’t helping the flavor. Also, I might turn this into a casserole with quinoa.

If I don’t make this delicious, my body will definitely regress back into buying snack foods which goes against my terrible prioritizing with my money.