Bus Shuttle Serenade

Today, I arrived in Houston, TX for work and got serenaded by the driver of my rental car shuttle bus. Terry Michael Owens is a native of New Orleans, but was forced to relocate in Houston because of Hurricane Katrina. Taken from his website:

T.M.O. was born and raised in The Big Easy, which is officially know as New Orleans, LA. Terry loves to perform, when he sings it comes from his soul, it shows when ever you see him live on stage he gives all that he has from the soul. Terry was forced to leave his hometown because of Hurricane Katrina and he moved to Houston TX. Where he now calls home. Singing for as long as he can remember at the age of 15 Terry would sneak out to perform at night clubs, we all know New Orleans is the city that does not sleep. Terry has played many stages, large and small, singing lead vocals in R&B and Gospel groups in his native city. Terry scored his first major solo success in 2005 when he won singing on a local New Orleans TV show called Gimme the Mike New Orleans, he also was a finalist in the Crescent City Idol show given by local radio stationWYLD FM in 2004. Again keeping up with the winning drive Terry was named Hometown star 2005 on the North Shore, Slidell, LA. Being up front and a leader has never been a problem for Terry He’s played standing gigs @ The Funky Pirate Blues Club on world famous Bourbon St. with his former band T.M.O. And The Riverside band, that he formed with the late great GeraldTrinity. Terry also performed at the House of Blues New Orleans with Gospel recording artist Paulette Wright and Volume of Praise every 4 Sunday for the gospel Brunch and The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. He’s recorded with 2001 Gammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner Leo Nocentelli of The Meters and Leo’s niece Windy on her 1999 debut CD entitled WINDY on MERCURY RECORDS a duet called “BABY DON’T YOU WORRY” also with Rapper B.G.formally of The Hot Boys and Cash Money Records. Terry had his first hit in 1997 in Louisiana with a gospel group The Anointed Connection, The song was “All I Have” after the group broke upTerry recorded a solo single called “Put Down The Gunz” a song about stopping senseless gun violence and in 2005 after evacuating Houston for hurricane Ritahe recorded “Yes Indeed”a song about loving yourself for who you are.Terry is currently working on new music, Be on the look out.

The song he sang was very enjoyable and light-hearted. Check it out on YouTube!


Olympus OM-D E-M5 – First Pics

Well, I have been playing around the photo aspect of my new toy, the Olympus OM-D E-M5. I’ve been getting a feel for the different types of shots I could set up. Everything was semi-new to an amateur photographer like myself. I knew the modes P, A, S, and M because of my 60D, but the SCN, iAuto, and Art modes and their different functions are new to me. I should have kept up more religiously on the camera specs as they were released.

Let me confirm that, yes, there is a humming noise when the camera is on. Just like one user on youtube described it, they could hear the ocean. It’s a sort of white noise that fades into the background. Besides, the digital sound of the shutter is way louder than that.

The 14-42mm kit is okay, but I really wanted the macro function of the 12-50mm lens kit. I know there are better ones out there, but having it on hand when the camera arrived would have been fun. The 14-42mm will not focus nicely onto “in-your-face” objects, so I have to pull back a little and allow it to do its thing.

One of the things I find a little frustrating is the switch from the touch screen back to the EVF. I love the fact that I can touch any part of the screen to focus, but the sensor around the EVF is very sensitive. If you put your finger 1/2″ away from the viewfinder, the screen will switch back to the EVF. It gets to be a problem sometimes when I see a shot, then the touch screen accidentally blacks out because of my fingers.

The 9fps shooting mode was terrific, but I do need more practice in focusing on the subject moving. I need to know how to make it continuously track the subject. This mode helped me capture a lot of moving actions from my dogs which look more intense than when I just used my 60D with a 50mm f1.8 (yes, I have the budget of a college student).

Those are my initial thoughts of the camera. I’ll be updating more as I try to learn the cute little camera. I’ve been trying to sort out which lenses I would need, so if anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment.

It’s taken so long for me to upload these because Yahoo.com had disabled my account and the whole thing has been frustrating and didn’t even yield any results. Suffice to say, I made a new account to upload my pictures. I didn’t process any of these photos except resizing them. Without further adieu, here are some sample shots from the OM-D!

PineapplePiggy BankSkyPiggy Bank 2Pan and KaiKaiPanBeer Lime ShrimpBeer Lime Chicken Shrimp with Wild Rice

Keep Marzipan Alive

Have you ever been immersed into a world that captivates your imagination? I’ve found it in the strangest, cute, and creative show called Chowder. When it first aired, I was so thrilled by the idea of a show about food. But it wasn’t just about food – it was colorful, full of inspiration, and filled with subtle yet sharp jokes along with lots of visually pleasing and comedic gags.

After its inception and the unfortunate end of its 3 season run, I’ve begun re-watching the first 10 episodes and found the newer episodes to be lacking the charm of these first 10 episodes. However, it doesn’t really matter since I am inspired to draw places and food based on the show. 🙂 In fact, this is the start of my new project: Keep Marzipan City Alive which will feature my drawings inspired by the show. Here’s my first attempt, and it’s none other than the main character.

Disclaimer: Chowder and all related images are created by C.H. Greenblatt and owned by Cartoon Network. I am in no way affiliated with said parties and am in no way earning profit nor am I associated with the staff or network.