Puckering Over Greek Yogurt


Can someone tell me how to get over the tartness of Greek yogurt?? I’ve had trouble eating yogurt until I started eating Activia, but I’m switching to Greek because it has less sugar. But, please, IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS DELICIOUS, tell me how to get over that tartness!!! Bleeeeeggghhh!


4 Responses to Puckering Over Greek Yogurt

  1. I live in Greece, so all we have is Greek yogurt. I use it as-is in cooking – as a topping for savory dishes, or stirred into a soup or whatever – but if I’m going to eat it on it’s own, it’s too tart as-is. So I stir in some fruit, honey, walnuts, almonds, or whatever I want. Sometimes, I just stir in a few drops of vanilla extract and stevia if I’m not looking to add calories. I also make chocolate yogurt out of it (dissolve unsweetened cocoa powder in a tiny bit of boiling water, stir into yogurt with sweetener (I use sweet n’ low but I know artificial sweeteners have fallen out of favor with many people). Whatever you do with it, though, it is really good for you!

  2. W.P. says:

    You’re right, Greek yogurt is definitely better for you and I’m going to try your recipe for chocolate yogurt soon! 🙂 Thanks for your tips!

  3. Oohhh I definitely had the same issues as you. I really want to like Greek Yogurt, but it’s not mild enough for my taste buds. I have yet to find anything that works.

  4. W.P. says:

    I’ve been getting used to Activia because it’s not as sour as some and I’m starting to love the ones with fiber in them! 🙂

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