Insanity – Day 13

Mood: Meh
Weight: 109.8

Day thirteen and I’m finally feeling that soreness hit my legs, once again. I’m putting more effort and feel that I can go longer if I can stop listening to his advice when he tells someone to take a break and get some water. When I hear that, I do it, then suddenly I feel like yelling “dammit!” because I didn’t really need to rest.

Today’s was a twofer and almost didn’t complete the second part because I was confused as to which one I was supposed to do today. The second part focuses on working your abs (mine are acceptable, not really stellar) and I realized I am not flexible with sitting down, leaning back, and bringing both legs outward and up. This is why I can’t do High Knees properly during warmups. I’m not as flexible as the people in that video, but I’ll grunt and wheeze my way through this program.


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