Insanity – Day 10 and Burgers

Day ten and I finally realized why he keeps yelling to keep the core engaged and tight. It’s to prevent me from flopping around like a rag doll and landing wrong on my feet and possibly injure myself. Leg strength plays a big part too, but keeping your abs tight is a must. No wonder when I landed on the ground the sound could wake up the dead.

Also, I totally ruined my diet by getting one of these:

And this:

And this:

Oh yeah. Burgers. It didn’t look as big as the photo makes it out to be (come on – Subway is worse), but it was enough to satisfy me. I ate that because I was having a crappy day which makes me an emotional eater. I hate to admit it because sometimes I’ll just regard food as fuel and other times I’m eating because I’m angry or happy to satisfy the part of me that wants to be comforted. It’s what makes my weight fluctuate and definitely hinders any source results.


2 Responses to Insanity – Day 10 and Burgers

  1. Eileen says:

    Have you tried non-beef patties? If so, how do you like them?

    I haven’t had a beef burger in ages. I’m so used to chicken, turkey, and veggie patties that I can’t even conceive of eating beef in my burgers. It helps that my mom trained Steph and I at a young age. Growing up, we never had “real” bacon or ground beef. I was incredibly shocked when I ate a non-turkey bacon. It was delicious! Knowing how much fat there is in it prevents me from eating it (too often) though. : )

  2. W.P. says:

    That’s crazy-talk! 🙂
    I did have a turkey burger once and I was surprised I didn’t scrunch up my face. It was made pretty good! I’m not a very picky eater, though, so I tend to like mostly everything (even Durian candy, but less of kimchi)

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