Insanity – Day 5

It’s about that time when I start feeling a lack of motivation about exercising. It’s day five into the program and it’s in my nature to be bored with the monotony of having to wake up and start working out. Granted the workouts are by no means monotonous! They have been kicking my butt for five days straight but it’s that feeling of getting up, plugging my laptop to my TV, and then working out that gets to me. I’ll need to change it up to accommodate my work schedule, and I hope that’ll be enough to get me out of that monotonous loop.

Speaking of programs, today was pretty hard. Pure Cardio is exactly like it sounds – pure cardio. No resting periods – just straight exercises. Of course, I stopped a couple of times to catch my breath, but it seems my leg muscles are getting the hang of it and I might push myself a little harder than normal. I might sound asthmatic – which is something that sort of scares me as well as my sister’s dog (she keeps barking when she hears me breathe really loud).


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