Insanity – Day 3 and Dogs

Could not finish the circuits again! Due to my weak leg muscles, the exercises had them feeling like jelly. I’d have to rest and pick back up maybe at around the last 2-3 jumps, or whatever, and stop. I also felt a bit dizzy from going up and down, so I had to stop momentarily to get my bearings together.

So for those wondering if this is right for them, I’d say that if you have good stamina and are already active, this is for you. I’m continuing this insanity (sorry I had to say it) through to the end because I’m deathly afraid of Zumba… for some reason. During the long periods in which I have to work, I’ll probably have to do this after I get home.

Note to future dog owners:

If you own dogs (two Australian Shepherds in my case) and you are sitting on the floor trying to type on your laptop, they will repeatedly flip your arm towards them with their snout and try to get your attention. In worst-case scenarios, they will try to lay on your lap and try to expose their bellies for you to scratch. Either way, these fuzz-butts will try to act irresistible and extremely cute.

I gave in.


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