I admit I looked down on those who kept whining about how they had to pause a few times or that it was too insane. I take everything back I said. I thought I relatively was in shape – I could jog at a max of 2 minutes without wanting to vomit (LOL), my BMI is 22.2 (only a small percentage is muscle), and my waist size is at 30 (compared to 36 in high school).

The Fit Test kicked my tail. I cheated and let myself rest longer than their one minute cool-downs to take it easy, but DAMN – that was hard. I thought I had the energy and drive to complete it without stopping, but I was wrong. Of course, barely waking up at 5AM without eating or drinking anything before hand also might have led to my downfall (so sleepy!).

I never really kept track of any type of results when working out because that would only discourage me, but I think I should from now on for my sake.

Switch Kicks 24
Power Jacks 30
Power Knees 72
Power Jumps 23
Globe Jumps 7
Suicide Jumps 8
Push-Up Jacks 17
Low Plank Oblique 39

Now I gotta figure out what foods I’m supposed to be eating. FUN! 😀


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