Stupid Caffeine

Never again will I drink anything caffeinated. I feel like crap afterwards when I crash and even more so when I try to be productive. I sit here staring at my computer screen wishing I could move or do something, but I can’t get my brain to turn on!


Insanity – Day 7 and Measurements

Mood: WIDE AWAKE and frustrated that I can’t sleep for longer than 4 hours
Weight: 111.6 lbs
Waist: 29.25″
Hip: 33.5″
Belly: 34″ (around the bellybutton area)

This is weird – usually when I work out, I get so tired that I’m out like a light at around 7pm until my alarm sounds. Today, I woke up at 1am with the feeling that it was 3am, my usual alarm time. I’m worried because I was on my feet all day and yet I only got a total of four hours of sleep. I’m thinking it might be from the Muscle Milk. I barely caught a glimpse of the words “caffeinated” on the bottle and just now remembered it.

So, today is my day of rest for the workout and I feel bad not working out. As I sit here, regretting not moving, I’ve resolved to work on pushing myself more and work my diet. Ohhh my diet – I just had a Chick-fil-a sandwich and fries yesterday thinking it’s ok since I didn’t get to eat much during the day and then BAM – guilt and regret. Also, I’m going to start working on accountability. So, I’m going to keep track of my measurements and mood.

Insanity – Day 6 and Muscle Milk

So it is day six and my legs aren’t killing me except my left thigh. I feel that I didn’t really push myself this time and I feel bad. I know I’m supposed to be resting tomorrow but I feel that I want to do the fitness test to see where I am before I start the second week. I need to get more motivated if I want to see some results.

I took some measurements this morning, but I’m not really sure where to put the measuring tape, haha!

Well, onto Muscle Milk:

This one is vanilla latte and it tastes a little too fragrant for me. The light chocolate left a vitamin taste in my mouth for a few hours. I’m not sure if I like these, and I’d rather drink the HEB protein shake even though it might not have the right amount of nutrition I need.

Insanity – Day 5

It’s about that time when I start feeling a lack of motivation about exercising. It’s day five into the program and it’s in my nature to be bored with the monotony of having to wake up and start working out. Granted the workouts are by no means monotonous! They have been kicking my butt for five days straight but it’s that feeling of getting up, plugging my laptop to my TV, and then working out that gets to me. I’ll need to change it up to accommodate my work schedule, and I hope that’ll be enough to get me out of that monotonous loop.

Speaking of programs, today was pretty hard. Pure Cardio is exactly like it sounds – pure cardio. No resting periods – just straight exercises. Of course, I stopped a couple of times to catch my breath, but it seems my leg muscles are getting the hang of it and I might push myself a little harder than normal. I might sound asthmatic – which is something that sort of scares me as well as my sister’s dog (she keeps barking when she hears me breathe really loud).

Insanity – Day 4

Today’s was the Cardio Recovery…and it was still kicking my butt! Let’s not forget that my muscles didn’t want to hold any position let alone do anything so I was still breathing as hard as possible. I’m just waiting for the day my muscles would stop being sore. Maybe I need to drink protein shakes because this is ridiculous. ಠ_ಠ I like the workout, but I can’t even walk properly.

Trying out my new camera = more dog pictures

Pan tired

Rokinon 35mm, f2.8, ISO 800

Pan panting

Rokinon 35mm, f2.8, ISO 800

Rokinon 35mm, f2.8, ISO 800

Rokinon 35mm, f2.8, ISO 800

Rokinon 35mm, f2.8, ISO 800

Veggie Stir-Fry

Vegetable stir-fried over rice

Again, I’m bad with measurements. I just felt like adding this, adding that, a little bit of whatchamacalsit here…

The vegetables you add doesn’t really matter. What really pulls it together are the soy sauce, cornstarch, and chicken bouillon powder.

Mixed Vegetables (in my case, red bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, black beans, and tofu)
Soy Sauce
Chicken Bouillon Powder

Insanity – Day 3 and Dogs

Could not finish the circuits again! Due to my weak leg muscles, the exercises had them feeling like jelly. I’d have to rest and pick back up maybe at around the last 2-3 jumps, or whatever, and stop. I also felt a bit dizzy from going up and down, so I had to stop momentarily to get my bearings together.

So for those wondering if this is right for them, I’d say that if you have good stamina and are already active, this is for you. I’m continuing this insanity (sorry I had to say it) through to the end because I’m deathly afraid of Zumba… for some reason. During the long periods in which I have to work, I’ll probably have to do this after I get home.

Note to future dog owners:

If you own dogs (two Australian Shepherds in my case) and you are sitting on the floor trying to type on your laptop, they will repeatedly flip your arm towards them with their snout and try to get your attention. In worst-case scenarios, they will try to lay on your lap and try to expose their bellies for you to scratch. Either way, these fuzz-butts will try to act irresistible and extremely cute.

I gave in.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Let’s talk anime for a bit.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Honestly, this looked like your average Magic Girl anime. Look at that picture above – from the cosplay outfits to the pink haired main character – it screams cliche.

I’ll tell you right now – this definitely is not your average Mahou Shojo! I’ll save you from spoilers but definitely be prepared for ANYTHING. I wasn’t, and neither was the BF so when…anyways, yeah, BF wasn’t going to watch it anymore.

I didn’t get to watch the rest of the anime, but I did finish the manga and I was just struck speechless. If you click on the picture, it will take you to the blog to read how many awards it won in 2011.

But…steel yourself – my final words.

Insanity – Day Two

Okay, I cheated A LOT by pausing frequently and I could only do one or two of each different workout towards the end. My legs were all wobbly and ready to fall over if I wasn’t so stiff. I know, I know – bad form by keeping legs straight and not landing softly. But I seriously could not keep it together. I didn’t sweat a lot because I frequently stopped and drank a lot of water.

I also didn’t get to eat healthy – my dinner consisting of Burger King’s #1 meal plus a chocolate shake >___>. I don’t mind, though, it’s our tradition when watching Bob’s Burgers. 😀

I’ve been up for 18 hours yet I’m not sleepy (having slept for 14 yesterday). Before starting this, I used to only sleep for 6 hours and my body would wake up. I would do minimal exercise – 15 minutes of jogging one day, 15 minutes of lifting the next, or sit ups – and I would alternate. Yesterday was the longest I’ve slept in a long time. Hopefully this regimen will give me a good long sleep my body needs.

Speaking of sleep, you’d think that this dog’s done more than me as she made her way to my lap as I typed this. 😛


Canon 60D, ISO 6400. Dark, dark room.