13 Days of Community

Day 1

One more day until the premiere! To sum up their characters, here’s a clip from the pilot episode! Enjoy!

Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, Gillian Jacobs, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, and Yvette Nicole Brown


Praise be to Wacom!

I know last time I was praising Microsoft for having the handwriting aspect fixed, but I have to give that praise to Wacom. Their updates have made the lines smoother and tracking better. Thanks WACOM!

13 Days of Community!

Before the premiere of Season 4 of NBC’s Community, I decided to put up a clip a day! The new episode premieres February 7th!

Day 13

Season 2, Episode 1

Donald Glover, Danny Pudi, and Betty White

Boiled cabbage night

Well, it’s boiled cabbage for dinner tonight.


Too lazy to cook and too lazy to go out and buy food.

Fresh Step® Crystals | Fresh Step®


I’ve been using this stuff since late November and this is probably the worst cat litter I’ve used. Doesn’t block the odor like it says and your cat is basically stepping all over the crystals that have absorbed the pee. This stuff does not clump together like I assumed it did based on the picture on the back but I think you’re supposed to bury it with newer, untouched crystals from the bottom. Well, soon enough after you scoop it and the cat scoops it, your cat is touching the crystals that have pee on it.

I don’t recommend this product to new pet owners. Older pet owners… well if you know what you’re doing, then by all means. I, on the other hand, don’t like this stuff because it failed to do its main job: block odor.

Bring it cold weather! I’ve got my kotatsu!

♥ Love it! ♥ 

It’s amazing! It’s cute! It makes me want to sleep underneath!

I live in a small 500 sq apartment. This is equivalent to two bedrooms with a small living room/kitchen. The apartment has a little symbol that states it’s “energy efficient”. Far from it. There’s always a draft coming in. Also, it’s super cold when the climate wills it.

The “want” monster came out and wanted a kotatsu table.

And it was worth it.

I love doing things on the floor because sitting at my desk makes my legs uncomfortable and my feet super cold. Plus, who out there also love to sit cross-legged?

So built like those old fashioned Japanese houses (hah!) that allow the breeze to blow through, my apartment had the requirements to justify a purchase.


It heats up to a wonderfully warm temp then it shuts off for a bit. The heat stays long enough if you have the futon that comes with it. Unfortunately, I’m using a twin-sized comforter and the sides don’t reach the bottom. (╥﹏╥)

Oh well! Still a good purchase! Pictures to come!



OHMYGOSH!! The heating unit on the bottom is covered with cloth so you won’t accidentally scorch your legs! Awesome!! ╰( ^ ㅂ ^)╯

Portrait Silhouette on its way

I know I shouldn’t have done it. I know I’m going to be super busy on my second semester of pharmacy school. I KNOW THIS WILL SUCK MY TIME FROM STUDYING.

But I couldn’t help it. The thought of making my own notebooks and notepads for school was too alluring that I couldn’t resist. Maybe sell some, too? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

To me, motivation to do something means to be inspired by something new. Fresh. And dare I say…cute. And the monotony of having to study (and no, studying something new in school doesn’t count as being inspirational) every day, every hour, etc, would drive me insane.

And so having found absolutely nothing on the Silhouette Portrait (except for arcane techniques on how to cut portrait silhouettes) I’ll be making a series out of this for my own benefit as well as yours if you like seeing my failures during my journey. As Fraisier once said,

It may be an unwise man that doesn’t learn from his own mistakes but it’s an absolute idiot that doesn’t learn from other people’s.

Followed by: Buttons and Bows

Bored – DIY toothbrush holder

With nothing to do but clean, I got so bored and started to make my own toothbrush holder.

1. I used one of those tags that hold jewelry, a spider ring from Halloween, and my cute toothbrush I got from a Sanrio store.

2. I snipped off the legs since it would be too bulky.

3. After cutting off half of the jewelry tag, slip the ring through the hole and glue both together. I used the E-6000 glue because I don’t think a regular hot glue gun would work. It’s my favorite type if glue from binding books and flashcards together to holding together larger projects.

4. I used Scotch clear mounting squares and placed about two on the back.

5. Place it on the wall.

6. There you go! Done!
(⌒-⌒ )

Tea sandwiches – trying to lose weight again!

Well I’ve been thinking about losing weight again now it’s the end of the semester. Thanks to videos I’ve been watching on YouTube (specifically, ochikeron’s videos on cute and simple recipes) I’ve been getting my stomach to eat less so far from just eating tiny and cute portions. I don’t know my weight anymore but I do know my waist size has decreased by one inch (and at my height I at least need to get it down to one more inch. As for my hips, well, gotta do them Brazilian butt lifts. 😛 I might start that after finals week.

Here’s my “recipe card” on one of her videos on making tea sandwiches.


There is a slight mistake: forgot to add three baby fingerling potatoes. That changes the caloric value to 381 because I also swapped the mayo with whipped salad dressing. It’s so much easier cooking for just one person!

The cherry tomatoes were boiled in water for a few seconds so I can peel the skin off. Next I placed them in pickling solution consisting of soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and water. I love my condiments to be sour! But the sugar offers a nice balance. 🙂

As soon as my Christmas wish is fulfilled (maybe) in getting a deep fryer, I’ll be making those tiny tea donuts too. Before then, I’ve been craving curry rice when I saw her video and perhaps I’ll make some but with veggies instead.

Green tea donuts

So I finally got around to purchase the ultra expensive matcha green tea powder. And what did I do with it? Practically wasted two tsp of it. Remind me to NEVER use rice flour (by itself or with something else) to make donuts. I was thinking fluffy and light but I got gritty and dense.